Beautifully Crafted Floating Staircase

Floating Staircases Available From Stairfactory!

Floating Staircases are commonly known as Cantilever Staircases, but most of their other models appear like they're floating by using a center box or side string as support, and they've adopted their name as they seem like are ‘floating’ in mid-air. The design of the floating staircase is beautiful and classy and presents a showstopping feature in any home. They have become a well-liked choice for numerous architects and interior designers, because of their modern and contemporary visual appearance, and also their flexibility.

The treads are uniquely positioned to enhance natural light flow, making a space feel much more spacious. Based on the selected material such as glass, the amount of light could be increased even further, creating a area which is bright and spectacular.

Floating stairs can be put in in numerous configurations. The cantilever floating staircase design is revolutionary and cleverly engineered, intended to be fastened to a stable bearing wall, or attached to a metal structural support that's embedded within the floating staircases wall. Once the treads are fastened to the wall or steel support, it gives the illusion of a floating staircase. They are simple to install and therefore are well-liked in new builds and property renovations where they may be built from here scratch, making the process quicker and cost-effective.

At Stairfactory, they design and manufacture glass and wooden here floating staircases, both of which create striking visual impacts. They are often created with or without a railing, offering you with unlimited design opportunities to match the inside of your home. Both of those materials are sure to elevate and renovate your space when built within a floating staircase.

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